Thanks so much for visiting Family2Family Puppies! Our specialty is raising healthy, delightful and well-socialized puppies that are being prepared to bring great joy to their new, loving families. We focus on positive socialization so your puppy is friendly and well-adjusted, strong health for your peace of mind, personality evaluation in order to help match each puppy’s temperament with the family that fits them best, and begin the house training process to give your puppy an early advantage for quicker success.


We understand that the environment your puppy is raised in will have a strong impact on their development and we take this very seriously. This is why each puppy is born and raised in our home under our protective, constant supervision. We lovingly care for them and purposely introduce them to many new things. We encourage them to explore their new world in order to gain confidence and trust in themselves and others.

We progressively expose each puppy to new situations as they grow. We seek out objects, surfaces, sounds, places and as many weather experiences as we can, so they become familiar and comfortable with new environments. We also expose them to as many different types of people and other pets as possible. We are alongside them as they grow and reassure them as they learn new things in order to help them become well-rounded, secure and trusting.


We have strong medical backgrounds, so we naturally place an emphasis on each puppy’s health and give every family a one-year Health Guarantee. We genetically health test each parent and provide you with solid lineage documentation through their pedigree registries.

Each puppy is given outstanding veterinary care throughout their first eight weeks and receive all their immunizations. Our veterinarian gives each puppy a final, thorough examination and issues a health certificate in order to ensure that each puppy is on target developmentally and healthy just before going home.

Personality Evaluation

Since our puppies live with us and are under our constant care, we naturally observe them closely and enjoy discovering their different personalities. As soon as they are born, we name each of them and give them different colored collars in order to get to know them individually. We interact, hold and play with them from birth, as well as observe them interacting with their siblings. All this information helps us discover their unique personalities and enables us to describe them more accurately to their new families.

House Training

We believe a puppy with a strong start at house training will have a smoother transition into their new homes. We want our puppies to be successful, so we begin potty training early, establishing habits that will be similar to the habits needed with their new families. Because the puppies live in our home first, we naturally want to begin potty training them in order to keep our home nice, too. We think it just works best for everyone to establish good routines as early as possible.

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