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If you choose to have your puppy flown home, we will pay for all the costs involved and make all the arrangements and reservations. Puppies are flown every day and the process is very fast and easy. Everything always goes smoothly.

What Is It Like For Your Puppy to Fly?

We begin by making travel arrangements for your puppy. You simply let us know your closest major airport and the date you want your puppy to arrive and we will make the reservations. We will email you the puppy’s travel itinerary as soon as we receive it. We only choose airlines with special Pet Programs for puppies, so they are handled carefully and are comfortable throughout their trip. We also try to find non-stop and early morning flights if they are available. This allows your puppy to arrive more quickly with less chance to be delayed.

We purchase your puppy an airline-approved travel kennel. It will be large enough for your puppy to stand, sit, turn around and lie down without assistance. It will also have two bowls attached to the inside of the kennel so your puppy has access to fresh water on the flight.

A few days before the flight, we will bring your puppy to the veterinarian to receive a final checkup. Our veterinarian will give us a Health Certificate to assure you and the airlines that the puppy is strong and healthy enough to fly.

On the morning of the flight, we will bring your puppy to the airport. We will feed and walk him, fill out his final paperwork and then carefully transfer him to the airline agent. They bring them to a special Pet Holding Area that is lighted, heated and air-conditioned while he waits for the passengers to board the plane. After the passengers have settled and the luggage has been loaded, your puppy is placed in a climate-controlled van and driven to the plane. He will remain in the heated and air-conditioned comfort of the van, alongside the plane, until they are certain the plane will be leaving in less than ten minutes.

Pets are loaded last on a plane and are placed in a special Pet Section, apart from the luggage. They are loaded carefully and the kennel gets strapped down so it doesn’t move during the flight. The temperature in the Pet Section of the plane is maintained at the same level as the Passenger Section and is pressurized and very comfortable.

Once the flight takes off, the constant noise usually puts the puppies to sleep since they still need lots of naps. After they land, and before the door is opened for the passengers, the puppies are unbuckled and are the first things taken off the plane. They are once again loaded into a climate-controlled van and transported to the special Pet Holding Area where they will make sure they are comfortable before bringing them to a secure waiting area to meet their families.

After you show your Driver’s License to the airline attendant, they will bring your puppy to you and you will finally get to meet your very happy new friend!