We are three sisters that share a love of our pets. We grew up with a wonderful dog named Mickey who went everywhere with us. She was extremely friendly, loyal and intelligent. She had such a positive impact, bringing so much joy to our childhoods, that we have always continued to have loving pets in our homes.

We each live in the suburbs outside St. Louis, Missouri, about half an hour from the Gateway Arch. We have our own homes and families but still manage to find lots of time to get together. We often watch each others’ dogs when we travel and get them together frequently just for fun.

We also share professional careers in healthcare. Kathy is a Registered Nurse and works part time in Labor and Delivery at a nearby hospital. Kim is an Occupational Therapist and works part time as well. Kris worked for a Pediatrician until becoming a stay at home mom many years ago. Together, we help each other and share the responsibilities necessary to raise happy, healthy puppies.

Kris is the primary contact for our customers. Her youngest children are now in grade school and she has the most time to devote to selecting loving homes for our puppies. All the puppies spend at least a portion of their time at her house. She has the largest family, the biggest back yard, and the most help to actively socialize each puppy and make sure they are introduced to many positive experiences.

We love our pets so much and enjoy raising happy, healthy puppies in order to bring new families the same joy and positive impact that our dogs have given us.

From our family to yours!

We’ve attached pictures of Kris’ house for you to see where the puppies play and explore. It’s also where we take most of the puppy pictures that we send you.